Welcome Back!


Our Commitment to Safety

Hello to all!

This has been quite a time. I trust all of you are well. We will be happy to see you in the studio again. We are opening on July 2. Please call or email the studio to schedule classes.

We have put multiple new safety measures in place, and we will be constantly fine tuning this page with new updates! Please click below to see the details of our plan! We are dedicated to keeping the studio clean and can not wait to see you all!

Studio Updates

The studio is safe with 4 workout stations with all equipment needed for a full workout.

Cleaning items are available at each station.

We will all wear masks, keep appropriate distance, sanitize hands and equipment frequently.

New Safety Protocols


  • Print and sign updated waiver form – prepare your check.
  • Please remember to pay for your class before it begins. Checks only at this time or if you have a credit you may use it- No handling of credit cards or cash at this time. Note: The office will be closed until a later time.
  • Dress to workout. Bring a bag to put shoes, keys, phone etc. in it.

Entering The Studio

  • Sessions are 50 minutes to allow for the changeover of clients and for teachers to wash hands and equipment to prepare for next client.
  • Arrive only 5 minutes early.
  • Masks on even before entering our building. Sanitize your hands or wash
  • Place your signed waiver form in bin provided- no exceptions. We cannot teach you without it.
  • Let your teacher know what form of payment you have made or leave your check in bin provided.
  • Bring a personal bag to put your wallet, shoes cell phone etc., into. Carry with you to your station.
  • Wear clean socks– hand covering may be used but not required.
  • As always, clean your equipment thoroughly.

Exiting The Studio

  • Exit with your personal bag, through the back doors and down stairs or elevator to parking lot. There are handicapped spaces at the exit doors.

Other Information

  • Limited amount of people in the studio at any given time.
  • Please check out our short video “walking you through” the above process
  • If wearing a non-traditional mask (like bandana) make sure it is secure to your face.
  • Mat classes, when scheduled, will be in an adjoining room.
  • Studio will be professionally cleaned. Windows open whenever possible with A/C on for circulation.
  • To schedule a session please call the studio at (609) 921-7990 or email us at rabarapilates@comcast.net.


When taking virtual lessons, Anthony’s preferred payment method is through the mobile app, Venmo. Please send your payment to Anthony-Rabara. When you send payment the first time, Venmo may ask you for the last four digits of Anthony’s mobile phone. Please enter 5878.

If Venmo is not possible, for clients outside the US, please use this PayPal link: paypal.me/rabarapilates

Pricing for the different types of classes is as follows:

  • Private lessons ($75) Note: Privates with Anthony are $125
  • Duets ($70 per person)
  • Semi privates ($55 per person)
  • Group mat classes ($25)

Virtual Mat Classes

As of January 2022 this is the only virtual mat classes that will be taught by Anthony Rabara on Zoom:


9 AM

Intermediate to Advanced Level

Zoom ID: 611-652-701

As of January 2022, Barbara Kibler is teaching her mat classes as hybrid classes that you can attend in person in the studio or on Zoom:


6 PM

Intermediate Level

Taught by Barbara Kibler

Zoom ID: 839-0200-7852


8 AM

Intermediate Level

Taught by Barbara Kibler

Zoom ID: 839-0200-7852


9 AM

Basic to Intermediate Level

Taught by Barbara Kibler

Zoom ID: 839-0200-7852